Samantha Li


Artist news

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Samantha Li is one of the most prominest names amongst the city's new generation of artists. After graduating from St. Stephen's Girls College, Samantha went on studying art and social science in the University of Hong Kong and further pursued a Master of Social Sciences in Media, Culture and Creative Cities. She is a pupil of Chau Shik Hung, Deputy Chairman of Hong Kong Contemporary Artist Association, and among the first batch of young artists nurture by Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus. In 2012, she introduced P on P (Painting on Photo), an art form that combines photography and painting, to Hong Kong and gained much popularity in the art circle.

Full of curiosity and imagination, Samantha has been art lover since young. Having travelled the world, and visiting Mainland China, Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa, she was inspired to probe into the relationship between human and wild lives. Samantha has chosen P on P (Painting on Photo) to thoroughly express her ideas on different issues and describe the prospects of her world. After capturing an image in the real world, Samantha will process the photo by computer and then convey abstract ideas by painting on the photo to express her perceptions.

Samantha's works are a fusion of photography and painting art. Her allegorical composition invites the community to pay attention to, reflect and discuss social issues from different angles. On one hand, she manifests the avant-garde spirit of Hong Kong young artists; on the other, she demonstrates strong personal style and brings about a whole new wave for art creation.

Samantha's works have been showcased in Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong International Airport, Harbour City, PMQ and InterContinental Hong Kong. In October 2013, she was invited to hold a solo exhibition in France. Her mixed media art work <Present Continuous> was auctioned at Christies' First Open Auction this year, fetching a price higher than the estimated price, at HK$ 137,500. On 8th June 2018, her painting work <Birkins> was put on auction in Sotheby's Curated: Turn It Up auction and sold at HK$ 212,500. Also in 2018, Samantha has made another new attempt to design her very first mechanical watch series - the Sexagencary Cycle, combining the traditional Chinese calendar with the sophisticated timekeeping system. Destined to go on to watch enthusiasts wish list, the spectacular novelties are a combination of traditional Chinese wisdom, modern art and precise mechanism.