Chan Dick

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2018           Chai Wan Fire Station 

                    Novalis Art Design Gallery, Hong Kong 


                   Chai Wan Fire Station 

                   Case Publishing, Tokyo, Japan


2017           Chai Wan Fire Station 

                   Mirage Gallery, Kobe, Japan

                   Chai Wan Fire Station 

                   Case Rotterdam, Netherlands


2013           Escapers 

                   Canon Pro Solution Hub, Hong Kong 


2013           Brick by Brick
                   Habitat for Humanity Exhibition
                   Guangdong, China 

2011           War 

                   Culture Club, Hong Kong 




2017           Re-enter 
                   ArtTravellers Exhibition Series
                   Art Promotion Office, Government of the HKSAR

                   Chai Wan Fire Station (the book) 
                   Unseen Amsterdam, Netherlands

                   Chai Wan Fire Station (the book) 
                   Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City, Japan

                   Chai Wan Fire Station (the book) 
                   Art Basel Hong Kong

                   Old Bailey Galleries 

                   Fifty Years 

                   Here is Zine・Here is ShenZhen, ShenZhen, China

2016           Afterglow 

                   Hong Kong International Photo Festival    

                   Chai Wan Fire Station 
                   Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival (Japan)

                   Fifty Years  

                   Here is Zine・Here is Hong Kong, PMQ, Hong Kong

2015           Chai Wan Fire Station 

                   Angkor Photo Festival 

2014           War 

                   Pingyao International Photo Festival 


                   Children's Grief Awareness Project - Expressive Arts Exhibition

2013           Waste | Taste

                   Friends of the Earth Charity Photo Exhibition 

                   Attack on Titan 
                   HKIPP Annual Exhibition 

2012           Back to School 

                   HKIPP Annual Exhibition