Roger Selden was born in New York in 1945. He studied art at the Brooklyn Museum from 1957 to 1962.

He then attended Temple University’s Tyler School of Fine Arts, where he received his BFA in 1966. In 1964 he studied painting and graphics in Paris with Antonio Frasconi and George McNeil.

From 1966 to 1968 he attended the Tyler School of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, where he received his MFA in 1968. Since 1971 Selden in collaboration with Renato and Giorgio Cardazzo of the Naviglio Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, Italy, has had more than 100 one-man shows in Europe and the United States. Selden has also had one-man shows in the most important art fairs such as Art Basel, Fiac Paris, Arte Fiera Bologna, Chicago Art Fair, Arco Madrid, Koln Art Fair and Art Forum Zurich. Selden has done three important glass windows projects. He designed the 23 windows of the Synagogue Hechal David u-Mordechai in Milan, Italy.

He lives and works in New York, his hometown and Milan.


  • Design by Roger Selden

    Year: 2019

    Collection: flip-flop 

    Original certification by Memphis Milano

  • Product info

    Colourful ceramic vase.

    Size: H.33 X L.21cm


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