Title: K144

Year: 2007

Oil on canvas

Size 100 x 100 cm


  • Painting by Francesco Polenghi

    For Francesco Polenghi, painting is the result of a rational process that is nevertheless influenced by the unexpected nature of subjective instincts. Initially he repeats on a square white canvas, with one color only, a form consisting of a thin cylindrical shape. Juxtaposed to one another, these tapered cylinders become organized into motiono conceived as a flow of energy. Determining the character if the first layer is a sort of psychic automatism that allows the artiat to remove himself from the surrounding world. The next step is to give  depth to the initial design by going over it several times with the color. The design thus assumes a tinbric effect that tends to freeze the initial subjective impulse and give the whole a more objective dimension, since having to go back over the design several times maked the motion less free and fluid. The overlapping of the color also lets us make out the subtle margins of the layer below. It is not a question of bichromism, as might first appear, but of comples polychromes, bulit layer upon layer of color.

  • Biography

    Francesco Polenghi was born in Milan in 1936. In 1955, he moved to New York, where he attended New York University and graduated in Economy in 1961. He lived in New York until 1966, when he moved back to Milan. During that period he carried out in-depth research on Spinoza, which was to have a deep influence on his painting. In 1977, he went to India for the first time. In 1981, he decided to remain in India until 1988. When he returned to Italy he met Arturo Schwarz, with whom he shared a deep interest in Spinoza and Oriental philosophy. Their intellectual exchange has continued uninterrupted ever since.