• Designer: Raoul Gilioli

    Year: 2016

    Four typologies of glass,
    Four different thickness.

    The collection comes from a combination of art, desgin and craftmanship, all outstanding made in Italy exellences. It has been locally realized. It's a limited edition and its production followed green economy criteria, promoting sustainability.

    Each and every table is multiple, a top quality handmade design object to be given to exclusive and selected buyers. The table that names the whole capsure collection has been made with four glass types with different gauges, among with mirror glasses to deceive sight, while other ultra-transparent glasses are there to become invisble. Table's leg are made with these glass combinations as well, they are modular and have different dimensions so they can be combined under the table in many positions.

    Visual impact is given by the addition of these reflections and gauges, their colors with natural or artificial ligh creating spectacular light and color plays. 
    Vetro is suitable for any minimal or classical ambience, a very elegant table because of its lightness and luminosity. The multiples currently  underway have bookcase, console, shelves and they are all stackable using the same modules of the table itself together with support bases. They are available on request with different measurements and compositions.
    Raoul Gilioli designed Vetro recouping his famous installation called "Pupilla', exhibited during the last two years in the main Italian squares.