Nosy, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Valentina Loffredo, co-presented in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong.

The global issue of privacy in the digital age is the central theme of Nosy, a multi-media project that includes photographs, sculptural objects, installations, and a limited edition of unique artist books. Not confined to space within the gallery walls, the exhibition also extends to other parts of town by “sticking its noses into other people’s business” - literally - with the artist’s ad hoc placements of sculptural noses.

The project mimics the conflict between the seductive power of technology, expressed through the playful and attractive appearance of the artworks, and its dark “nosy” side, revealed by the repetitive and uncanny presence of human noses.

As curator Luca Panaro notes: “Today we invite digital media to be part of every aspect of our lives without considering the consequences of such enthusiasm. The excitement produced by the irresistible pull of technology leaves us in a state of daze. As the distance between public and private blurs, reality loses objectivity and crumbles into the endless pit of relativism”