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Memphis is the great cultural phenomenon of the 80s that revolutionized creative and commercial logics in design. Born from the idea of Ettore Sottsass and a group of young designers and architects, in Milan, coupled in the years by famous designers from the international scene, Memphis turned upside down all of the existing parameters on living. Ettore Sottsass as the backbone of the group, design gained a new concept and expression through new shapes, materials and patterns, expanding the creative limits of the industry. Memphis became a symbol of New Design. Its influence is still clear in various sectors of production and beyond.

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In 1997 Memphis realized it could no longer use the name Memphis for its new products and developed the brand Post Design. Post Design includes a wide range of collections created by Italian and international designers and artists, including household names like Ettore Sottsass, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Dennis Santachiara and Johanna Grawunder as well as less well-known names in a conscious effort to give visibility to young designers.

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Meta Memphis is a play on the Greek word metamorphosis, change. After the Memphis Milano movement ended, in 1989 Meta Memphis sprang onto the scene with the philosophy of challenging artists to design domestic objects. Names such as Boetti, Calzolari, Chia, Kosuth, Mochetti, Paladino and Pistoletto experimented with designing tables, chairs, bookshelves and lamps for the collection’s production.

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Italian 80's Memphis design . Limited edition fine art photography